Let’s be honest, Dim Sim – Dim Sum – Yum Cha are tiny bites of deliciousness destined to be eaten over brunch or lunch on the weekend. Well, that’s our take on it.


The har gau (steamed prawn dumplings), the siu mai (steamed pork and shrimp dumpling), the char siu bun (bbq pork bun) and the ninja skills of using the chopsticks (its’ ok to opt for the fork).


Originating from Hong Kong to satisfy any appetite, the bite size sharing foods are either steamed, friend, baked in sweet or savory varieties  - all served in steaming bamboo baskets.


Chatswood’s rich Chinese culture means that we’re lucky enough to enjoy some pretty authentic places.


Tim Ho Wan Chatswood

Eric Koh is the chef behind the kitchen and has been in the yum cha game for nearly 30 years. The buns are one of the restaurant’s four signature dishes, along with pan-fried carrot and radish cake and the steamed egg cake.  Service is responsive and in control, making it easy to order from the 25 items on the menu.

75A Chastwood Interchange, 436 Victoria Ave, Chatswood NSW 2067


Fook Yuen Seafood Restaurant

Sure the name can be taken however you read it, but fans take the food here seriously.  It remains on the favourites around Sydney and the lunch trade is just as busy for the weekend brunch crowd. The translucent vegetable dumpling, tofu and prawn fritters are our top choices. But do try the taro croquettes – crunchy friend on the outside and soft savoury pork mine and taro.

Level 1, 7 Help St, Chatswood NSW 2067


Din Tai Fung Chatswood

Dumplings are made fresh and steamed for exactly three minutes and on your table in seconds. Some of their dumplings are wet, it contains stock soup inside the filling and that makes them different - Xiao Long Bao.

Westfield Chatswood, Level 3, 1 Anderson St, Chatswood NSW 2067


New Shanghai Chinese Restaurant

Modern Shanhai-style cuisine, soup dumplings, noodles to bubbling hot pots. Xiao long bao, the classic soupy specimens, are done well - loose little pouches filled with minced pork and piping hot broth. The golden-bottomed buns sprinkled with black sesame are not too thick, sweet or oily - their filling a juicy mix of surf and turf.

B38 Chatswood Chase, 345 Victoria Ave, Chatswood NSW 2067


We look forward to welcoming you to The Sebel Sydney Chatswood. Where you can sit back, relax and enjoy the creature comforts of dining all within walking distance. What’s your favourite dim sum?

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Phone: +61 2 9414 1600

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