Do you need a holiday? Silly question, of course you do! I bet you’d love a weekend in Paris of maybe Rome? Have you just looked at your bank balance and realised all you can afford is French wine and maybe a piece of pizza? Don’t be disheartened, you don’t have to travel abroad to escape for a holiday; you can have an amazing trip without leaving Sydney. Grab your favourite travel partner, book a weekend in one of our apartments and settle in for the perfect Staycation!


It’s time to kick off your holiday, so switch your phone to airplane mode, grab a bottle of bubbles and check in at the hotel straight after work. Dump your bags, touch up your lipstick and head straight back out. You can unpack later, there’s wine to be drunk and cheese to be eaten! Make your way to 465 The Avenue where you can settle in for a few cocktails. Try the French Butterfly or Lychee Martini. Share a Charcuterie board and unwind into the weekend.


Spend a lazy morning in bed by ordering from our room service breakfast menu. Indulge in the luxury of quiet as you sip your coffee and munch on a bacon & egg roll before getting ready for the day. Then indulge in some retail therapy by exploring Westfield and Chatswood Chase. Head back to your luxury accommodation and get ready for another evening on the town. Head over to The Concourse and spend the evening soaring above the clouds by booking tickets to see live classical music or Jazz!


Take advantage of our late check out and leave refreshed at midday. Stroll across to Lid & Jar and tuck into fresh corn fritters or crispy French toast! Relax with the Sunday papers and order multiple coffees. Head home and enjoy the afterglow of a weekend well spent without breaking the bank!

Book your perfect Staycation with us today and enjoy playing tourist in your own backyard.

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